First Production with Robotic Technology in Southeast

In a factory that will produce solar panels in DİYARBAKIR Organized Industrial Zone, robotic technology will be used. In the factory where robotic technology will be used for the first time in Southeast Anatolia, 70 people will be employed.

The solar panel factory established by the entrepreneur citizens living in Europe and established 10 million Liras, started production with the latest technology in the 2nd stage of Diyarbakır Organized Industrial Zone. Salih Açığ, who was the chairman of the board of directors of the factory, spoke on behalf of the entrepreneurs they established together with the factory after a 4-year research and investigation. He said that he has been living in Germany for 40 years and said:
“Our father went to Germany at the end of the 1960s. He wanted to win a pair of oxen, or a bridle, and come back. But they didn’t turn and they took us with them. We traveled to Bingol by car and starved for a thousand kilometers, we reached a certain maturity in Europe and returned to the country with a commercial mentality, we worked as a useful son. We talked to our friends. We met with Mr. Nihat Zeybekçi, the Minister of Economy, who gave us a lot of support, told us about the possibilities, sent a team, and sent the staff to Europe. we had a determination not to be a competitor. We had an intention to do so, so there was a lot of progress in renewable energy in Europe. We want to go to the region, let’s go into the region, we want to make an investment example. We wanted to make a difference with its technological, operational understanding and quality dimension. Here we went, people went abroad, we wanted to think that they wanted to convert their knowledge to invest in the region. In short, we want to pay our loyalty.

Açığ, who has been visiting the region frequently for four years, said that they had done research and review.

“We have done research first to know if we can find qualified personnel. We were concerned about the elimination of a new technology. Our expert teams from Germany carried out a continuous training program and as a result a very expert team formed. The factory has a different feature, it is a sensitive product. Although the cells are micronic, millimeter thick, 80 percent of the factory is automatic, it is much more important than the human eye, quality control, we want to take advantage of this feature of people. In some departments people do much better. It has a life span of 30-40 years.  We are trying the first four companies in Turkey. I can say that working with technology what we implement because it works 80 percent full automatic will be 3 shifts. So 60-70 people will be employed. Diyarbakir is a strategic location. If you plan to sell produce only panel on renewable energy, collards But, our concept is very different: Geographically, the main reason for choosing Diyarbakir is Iraq, where we can give our target audience and product, although not in the center of the Middle East countries. Europe and America. The certificates we receive will be able to export all over the world. We will be able to produce panels other than the current standard panel. We do not consider only the economic dimension of the business. We want to make an awareness about investing in people, education and development of society. While producing the product, we are in dialogue with the university and industrial friends here.”

The factory is located on an area of ​​21 acres, 3 thousand square meters, indicating that the establishment of Salih, “because we are at the beginning of work we have taken care of people who have this technical equipment. Technicians and technological training on the top and began to work with cumulative friends. The factory, cost 10 million pounds,” he said.
German technology that they bring to Diyarbakir Salih Salih, “Our machines, our system is in dialogue with each other. High-tech, high-computer age is integrated with 4.01 technology are making production,” he said.


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