Our company primarily focuses on its activities by targeting a healthy and safe working environment. The following-up of the preparation and implementation of the International Occupational Safety and Health environment during the production phase and in all areas within the factory and even during the transportation to the factory is one of the primary principles of our company. Occupational Health and Safety system, which is based on OHSAS 18001 Standards is implemented in our company. Within the framework of these standards, all resources required by our personnel are provided and all trainings are given and monitored periodically, especially in vocational trainings. All necessary documents related to OHS were provided to the personnel and external periodic audit support was received. Our company which targets zero accidents has provided all conditions for the health and safety of our personnel.


STERNLICHT INC., is a company that integrates German technology with locality, believes in Sustainable Energy Principles, is Environmental Innovative, is Compatible with Nature, and protects Environment. In order to ensure the efficient use of sustainable natural energy source, STERNLICHT INC. does its best to reduce all kinds of waste at the source and ensure the highest level of recycling. It minimizes the negative impacts of its activities on the environment and does its best to ensure that all suppliers and customers, especially personnel, act with this awareness. It follows and applies current regulations on environmental policies.


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