SternlichtEnergie INC.; applies and improves the total quality of management systems with the participation of all the employees before and after the production. In order to increase the competitive advantage, it adapts to the technological developments in the fastest way and provides training and resources in this direction.

SternlichtEnergie INC., in which production technology is fully equipped with automation systems, by using using data collection, data evaluation and processing systems makes continuous process monitoring and controls to guarantee the highest levels of finished product quality and ensures a system execution in continuous development.

With the quality principles we use in all our processes, we develope technics that will increase our efficiency and make these technics available in every stage.

We fully understand our customer expectations and reinforce our total quality management on a dynamic basis by blending these processes with our quality principles.

By reviewing our business processes with self-evaluation processes, making business processes reach their unit targets within team spirit and not making concessions on ISO quality management principles allow us to work with all our strength by identifying preventive approaches to improve our performance for SternlichtEnergie INC..

We produce our products with high German technology and blend the expectations of our customers with reliance by using our total quality management systems.

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