STERNLICHTENERGIE INC., provides system planning processes with flexible, investment-specific, up-to-date services, experienced technical team and German technology products for Commercial Solar Power Plant investors.

In the first step of the project planning process, our experienced teams gather all the technical data of the site in which the plant will be installed and complete the exact exploration work for the project planning phase. With the help of state-of-the-art software, Solar Power Plant simulations are created with solar panels and all system equipment and the system project consisting of technical results such as production, yield, loss and amortization, are presented to you by our experienced design teams.
As a result of feasibility and projects, the solar panel types specific to the power plant are determined and produced by automation technologies in our production facility.
Field leveling, building & construction works are made by our experienced engineers and technical teams and your site is made ready for installation and finally the plant installation is completed.
Remote routine reporting, periodic equipment maintenance, problem solutions, malfunction interventions and spare part support are provided by our expert teams in the scope of Maintenance / Operation.


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