STERNLICHT ENERGIE AŞ, established with 100% German technology, is one of the few manufacturers in Diyarbakir and its vicinity in terms of technology approach.

Our technology investments for the production plant minimizes the human error and have taken the human factor into the auxiliary position with the support of open laboratory processes from the automation processes of all processes.

ERP / MRPII automation systems, which are activated in the stock system at the beginning of our production line, are working together with our wide range of German software, which enables us to work with our machines working with pneumatic, robotics and automatic systems in all production processes and to put all the processes in timing charts in this direction.

All of our operators take part in our ERP systems at the moment of production and at the same time, it ensures that human errors are minimized.

In the post-production processes and in our customer approach, it is also included in the management, operation and development processes in our automation infrastructure.

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